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Mandatory non-refundable 30% deposit, to confirm your reservation.

Renting a Tent

Please have the designated area clean of any debris. If your tent is being installed on grass, we will be anchoring with stakes. These stakes protect the tent during high wind situations and give occupants time to evacuate safely. The stakes are long and could puncture or contact underground tubing. For this reason, we will be utilizing the Georgia (811) hotline. With this service all your gas, power and utilities will be marked with their appropriate colors. This service is completely free of charge and is required by Georgia law when staking.


  • Mow the designated area prior to installation. Cutting your yard or edging under tent is prohibited. The tent top fabric is costly and could be damaged from flying debris. If you damage the tent top, you will be held accountable for complete replacement or repair charge.

  • We cannot put a pole tents up over a driveway under any circumstance. If you would like a tent on the driveway, please rent a frame tent or our Pinnacle style frame tent that can be anchored with ballasts.

  • Please have marked the location of where the tent is going before delivery, you can use sticks in the ground, paint, furniture or anything else. This helps us greatly with efficiency, thus keeping prices down for everyone.

  • If renting sidewalls, they are not allowed to be removed. We will show you how to open them up safely, so they do not get damaged

Delivery and Setup

  • If delivery and set-up is up more than a few stairs, please let us know. If we arrive and there are a lot of stairs, we will amend the bill. If we are advised prior, we will let you know the price for the extra time involved.

  • Unless otherwise arranged the tables and chairs are not set up by us. We will place them under the tent, and when we come to pick them up, they must be returned to the way we had them on delivery. Only package options include setup and take down. If you would like us to set up your event, an extra charge will apply. Charge will be based on the size of your event.

  • No staples, tacks or pins can be used to attach your own things to any equipment. Any damage will result in a charge to fix or replace equipment.

  • No tape can be used on anything except for the under sides of tables. At no time should tape be put on the vinyl of the tent. Any damage will result in a charge to fix or replace equipment. 

  • If delivery location is not easily accessible, is on a hazardous road, or in a location where large trucks do not usually go there can be an audit to the final price. Please notify us if we will encounter any of these situations. This gives us time to execute a plan or have one of our account managers visit the location. 

  • All obstacles in the way of setting up the rented equipment need to be removed from the area, that includes tree branches that could be a hazard to the tent. We will not move obstacles for you. If we must wait for obstacles to be removed, you will be charged for cost of labor. The cost will be based on $15 an hour per person on site.

Receiving Equipment 

You or a representative from your event must be present during delivery. An acknowledgement form is to be signed after you get your equipment, verifying your order. 

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